What is the Scope of Business We Can Handle?

  • Processed & Shipped in Excess of 28 Million FBM in 2015
  • In Excess of 1.0 million FBM of Kiln Drying Capacity at One Time
  • Capacity to Grow Both Kiln Drying & Lumber Remanufacturing
  • Specializing in Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar, and SITKA Spruce.

What Services Do We Provide?


  • Twin Band Resaw

This is a twin band Kockum computer set works shifting resaw system that can breakdown maximum size of 14” x 36” and maximum length of 24’ using band saws.  The resaw line has a tilt hoist which feeds a leading end trimming/grading position and provides final trimming and grading once through the resaw.  There is a manual pull transfer chain and an end stacker for directing the highest volume of same grade and length products from a specific work order.

Planing – anti sapstain treating, grading, trimming

The 610 Stetson Ross planer similarly has a tilt hoist with desticking capabilities for kiln dried lumber prior to entering  into the planer.  There is an in-line Wagner moisture meter to identify outbound moisture content at the planer.  Directly behind the planer is an anti sapstain spray box which applies PQ8 to green lumber.  The outfeed leads to a value trimming system staffed with two (2) graders to upgrade lumber to maximize value and fiber recovery.  There is a pull transfer chain and an end stacker for directing the highest volume of same grade and length products from a specific work order.


The chop line has a tilt hoist system feeding 6 independent chop saws and a transverse sorting belt providing multiple sorts by grade and length depending on the work order requirements.

The line specializes in chopping Western Red Cedar shop grade lumber, but has the capacity to process other species.

Kiln Drying/Heat Treating

The kiln facility is housed in a tilt up concrete building with concrete flat roof.  The kiln consists of seven (7) independent side loading chambers which can accommodate 5 rows of stacked lumber for drying.  Of the 7 kilns, three (3) are rated for 175,000 board feet and four (4) are rated for 100,000 board feet.  Each kiln has its own manual controller which directs the requirements for direct gas fired heat based on wet and dry bulb temperature settings.   The kiln drying process benefits from two (2) boilers that produce steam for lumber conditioning.  Significant experience in the management group provides comprehensive drying schedules to ensure customers continue to be highly satisfied with drying results.  

Southcoast has new kiln PLC controllers that utilize new VFDs to control fan speed during drying schedules in conjunction with a leading edge energy management system.  This new technology will further enhance our kiln drying performance.

Wrapping, Labelling and Packaging

Southcoast Reman will apply a customer’s specific lumber wrap or plain white paper using the “C” fold type of lumber wrap.  Labels are generated through the LISA inventory management system and each load is labelled as it is packaged through our packager system.

Container Loading for Processing Customers

Southcoast Reman offers both dock container loading or regular container loading and is highly efficient at turning trucked container around with minimal delay. Southcoast meets SOLAS standards for accurate container content weight for all local docks.

The operation does not run an off load, storage reload business, but is focused solely on servicing shipping requirements for our customers that process (remanufacture or kiln dry) at our site.

Capacity to Provide PEFC and FSC Chain of Custody Agreements

Historically, Southcoast Reman had retained its own PEFC certification but those standards no longer require a custom lumber remanufacturer to hold their own certificate.  All our customers do require us, through our process control and inventory management system, to sign both PEFC and FSC chain of custody agreements and submit to their audit requirements.   Our business requires that we maintain and can verify the integrity of our customer’s wood.

LISA Lumber Inventory Management System

Southcoast Reman uses LISA, a tried and proven lumber inventory management system.  We have established a mechanism to have our customers, through their operation or their custom cut sawmill, initiate a dynamic tag transfer for all in bound lumber products thereby ensuring the accuracy of transferred volumes and avoiding any unnecessary errors in re-entering data to Southcoast’s inventory system.

Lumber Storage Capacity Based on Efficient Customer Inventory Turns

Southcoast Reman usually operates with an inventory of customer lumber between 5.5 and 6.5 million board feet.  A portion of that volume can be stored under cover for short periods prior to remanufacturing .   It is important that customers continue to move their lumber inventory to minimize exposure to the weather and subsequent loss of value, even if it is paper wrapped.

Customer Product Security

Southcoast Reman’s property is completely fenced and has ten (10) video surveillance cameras and interfaced motion detection systems that are monitored continuously when the operation is not staffed.