Southcoast Reman is the largest custom wood products remanufacturer with the largest set of custom dry kilns in the Lower Mainland and perhaps in British Columbia.

Our Mission is to strive to be the leading provider of custom wood processing services in the Lower Mainland for those businesses focused on marketing & remanufacturing the unique quality characteristics found in high value shop through clear grades for coastal timber.

Our Vision is to deliver superior value to our customers, employees and owner through exceptional communication, innovation and strong relationships.  We will achieve this vision by identifying and perfecting innovative solutions to custom processing challenges and maintaining strong relationships with all those who have a shared interest in this vision.  We firmly believe that successful businesses naturally seek out like minded corporate partners and leverage each others assets to the benefit of all parties.


Coal Island Ltd. is holding company owned privately by the Shields Family.  The family’s assets include forest products – Coastland Wood Industries Ltd. (largest veneer manufacturer in North America) as well as Southcoast Reman Ltd, two very separate and distinct operating businesses and a commercial real estate portfolio in British Columbia.

Southcoast Reman Ltd. was established in 1999 from Shields Forest Products and its predecessor Byrne Reman and operated on Byrne Road in Burnaby where it later became Southcoast Millwork Ltd.

That business moved to Maple Ridge in 2007 taking over an existing lumber remanufacturing site of 13.6 acres which included planer and resaw lines, as well as significant building and storage space.  Southcoast Millwork Ltd. built a new kiln drying facility in 2007 and began reinventing its business in 2010.  The Company was amalgamated into Coal Island Ltd. in 2011, rebranded as Southcoast Reman in 2014 and re-established as a stand-alone operating business, Southcoast Reman Ltd. in January 2020.

Today, Southcoast Reman is one of the largest independent custom lumber reman and dry kiln operators on the Coast of British Columbia.


Be fair and honest in all dealings. We are family owned and operated and have strong beliefs in the importance of the basic principles of fairness, trust, and consideration of others.

Employees are valued, and indeed are the principal strength of the Company. They should feel they work for the best company and enjoy what they do.  Their safety and development is of the upmost importance.

Our business relationships with suppliers, customer and associates are partnerships. The actions of these business partners must support and align with this core value. Customers must view us as a part of their team.

Collectively, our employees, customers and suppliers are part of something bigger.

We foster innovation and action orientation through open communication and employee participation.


  • Member of Canadian Mill Services Association (CMSA)
  • Certified in the Canadian Heat Treated Wood Products Certification Program (CHTWPCP)
  • Certified in the Canadian Debarking and Grub Hole Control Program (CDGHCP)