“I have had a long and close working relationship with Southcoast going back to the time the plant operated in Burnaby. I have the highest regard for the quality of service the staff and employees provide to meet the majority of my custom processing requirements. I have always found them professional and highly responsive to meeting or exceeding my processing needs and have no hesitation recommending their services to others.”

Testimonial Woodline Forest Products Ltd. - Rob Komlos<br />
Woodline Forest Products Ltd. - Rob Komlos


“Since establishing a relationship with Southcoast five years ago, we’ve grown our business together. We rely on their capabilities to be highly responsive to our need to process and kiln dry large Western Red Cedar and align those assignments with our order file and shipping obligations. We are very pleased with their attention to detail and their high standards of service. Southcoast plays a critical part in the success of our business.”

Testimonial TRIAD Forest Products LTD
TRIAD Forest Products LTD


“Southcoast has consistently received high marks a superior custom wood products processor of choice for WFP for the past 5 years. During that time we have dried and processed millions of board feet of lumber at Southcoast and received high satisfaction ratings from our customers. WFP has been particularly demanding in their delivery requirements, in particular meeting tight schedules for vessel loading to Japan. Southcoast has always met or exceeded those expectations. The staff is very competent and thorough and has exceeded our processing and drying requirements.”

Testimonial Western Forest Products Ltd. sales personnel have told us:
Western Forest Products Ltd. sales personnel have told us:


“I have the highest regard for the work the team at Southcoast provide as our preferred custom kiln operator. We dry significant volumes month in and month out and have always received the highest quality of drying and service. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Southcoast to anyone for kiln drying.”

Testimonial Kermode Forest Products Ltd. - Robert Tsumura
Kermode Forest Products Ltd. - Robert Tsumura

“I started doing business with Southcoast in a small way and have come to see that they have the same high standards I do.  I am bringing all my processing that needs to be done in BC to Southcoast.  We have very good open communications which is essential to enabling my business to deliver the kind of results I need to service my customers.  We have developed a very constructive understand about getting the job done right.”

Testimonial Interfor - Ed Tao
Interfor - Ed Tao


“It’s been a pleasure for me to consistently depend on the staff and employees at Southcoast to provide high quality drying and wood products re-manufacturing services over the long term.  We have a great relationship, one I can depend on.”

Testimonial  J&G Log Works Ltd. - Glen Fox
J&G Log Works Ltd. - Glen Fox